If you have esophagitis and want to drink alcohol, just eat some butter first?


If you have esophagitis and want to drink alcohol, is it enough to eat some butter first?

No food protects those suffering from esophagitis, gastritis or duodenitis from the harmful effects of alcohol. A suitable diet facilitates the improvement of symptoms, while alcohol accentuates them. In addition, butter, like lard and margarine, is a food full of fats which determine a prolongation of the time spent inside the stomach.

Alcohol, if taken in excessive quantities, can irritate and corrode the gastric mucosa, causing inflammation and (in more severe cases) bleeding.

Another aspect to take into consideration is related to fats. In fact, present in large quantities in butter, lard, margarine and in aged cheeses, they require very long digestion times, consequently increasing the period in which the gastric walls are exposed to the irritation of the secreted acid juices.
Furthermore, consuming alcohol and butter leads to an excessive increase in gastric secretion which can not only cause damage to the stomach walls, but also cause a relaxation of the valve muscles between the stomach and esophagus (cardia), causing reflux. of the acid content in the esophagus. In the presence of esophagitis, gastritis and duodenitis, it is therefore absolutely not advisable to take alcohol or butter or foods rich in fats, which irritate even more already inflamed mucous membranes.

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