Does the bacon disappear if I do a lot of sit-ups?


Does the bacon disappear if I do a lot of sit-ups?

Targeted physical activity does not involve the loss of fat / adipose tissue covering the muscles involved in the exercise.

Many people do a lot of abdominal exercises in hopes of getting rid of the fat located in that area. In reality, the reduction of body fat can only be achieved by always associating a balanced diet with physical activity. The "bacon" depends on genetic and hormonal factors, incorrect nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. It is therefore important to adopt an active lifestyle and follow a "Mediterranean type" diet, with a high consumption of fruit, vegetables, cereals, fish, legumes, little meat and little fat.This does not mean that regularly performing abdominal exercises is not needed, but to have well-defined abdominal muscles you must also combine an aerobic activity, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling etc., which helps to burn excess fat. Strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles also has benefits on posture and helps to avoid back pain.
However, regular training is important, starting slowly and gradually increasing the number of repetitions, always taking into account your size and needs.

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