If I drink alcohol in the summer, do I quench my thirst?


If I drink alcohol in the summer, do I quench my thirst?

It is not true that alcoholic beverages quench thirst. On the contrary, they dehydrate the body.

It often happens that alcohol is thought of as a refreshing and refreshing drink capable of quenching thirst, especially on the hottest days. Summer is a period in which a lot of fluids are already lost through sweat and exercise. Drinking alcohol deprives your body of valuable fluids, just when it needs it most. Alcohol, in fact, acts as a diuretic by hindering a hormone (ADH) that regulates the balance of fluids and requires a greater amount of water to be metabolized. This means that taking alcohol increases the expulsion of urine more than you would normally do without drinking it. Thus the body, by running out of water reserves, has even more need to drink in addition to having lost many essential nutrients such as vitamins and mineral salts. Furthermore, alcohol, being a vasodilator, causes greater sweating in the body to expel the heat produced by the quantity and alcohol content of the drink introduced. The intake of alcoholic beverages, especially during the hot season, is therefore to be avoided in order to maintain good body hydration. For health and, especially in the case of thirst, only water is actually able to quench the sense of dehydration.

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