The more I sweat, the more I lose weight?


The more I sweat, the more I lose weight?

Through sweat we only lose liquids and mineral salts, which are its main constituents. It is therefore not possible to lose fat, as many believe, since sweat does not contain it.

Many people believe that sweating will lose weight. Hence the frequency of the sauna and Turkish bath, the use of sweatshirts or various plastic clothing during training, the practice of intense physical activities ... all in an attempt to sweat a lot and lose weight! In reality, weight loss is not caused by sweating, but by the calories consumed during physical activity.
Sweating is an important thermoregulation mechanism: excess heat is dispersed by evaporating the water contained in the sweat. This mechanism is essential to avoid an excessive and dangerous rise in body temperature, which could lead to serious health problems. For this reason, those garments that do not allow the evaporation of sweat and the cooling of the body should be avoided! Since with sweating you mainly lose fluids, it is very important to replenish them by drinking water during and after training, to maintain the "water balance" . One of the risks is the onset of cramps, common among people including young people, who perform physical activity without replenishing the lost fluids sufficiently.

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