Is depression overcome by willpower?


Is depression overcome by willpower?

Depression is a disease, now widely considered treatable, caused by the interaction of genetic, environmental, biological and psychosocial factors. This pathology can be cured and willpower alone is not enough; in fact, it is necessary to contact specialists who will implement specific, appropriate and integrated therapeutic and psychological support interventions. It is essential to be able to recognize depression and its state of severity from the first warning signs as it is often underestimated.

Depressive disorders are classified within the context of mood disorders and include different clinical pictures. It presents with a mood characterized by feelings of sadness and a feeling of inner emptiness, loss of interest and pleasure, feelings of guilt and self-depreciation, sleep disturbances and eating disorders, asthenia and poor ability to concentrate. These problems can become chronic or recurrent and can lead to a substantial impairment in the ability to take care of one's responsibilities in daily life.
11% of Italians suffer from depression during their lifetime, and women are involved in double the percentage than men. 2% of children and 4% of adolescents are also affected.
The treatments used can be pharmacological or psychotherapeutic. In our country less than 1/3 of affected patients resort to treatment in appropriate times. This delay can lead to a worsening of symptoms with heavy repercussions on the patient's health and on the well-being of those around him at both family and work level.

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