Is exercise effective only if it is painful?


Is exercise effective only if it is painful?

Pain is an alarm signal and not an efficacy. Pain, in fact, is the "means" by which the body tells us that we are working badly or that we are doing too much effort or a wrong exercise.

It is not true that if you do not feel pain during physical activity, you are not working well.
Those who practice regular physical activity can also carry out very intense exercises without feeling any pain. If during training a cramp or other pain appears, stop and wait for it to pass. If it does not disappear, or if it starts again or increases after resuming activity, you must stop exercising and consult a doctor. Possible causes of pain felt during training are contractures, strains or tears. Such muscle traumas are very frequent among sportsmen, with an incidence between 20-30%. In contracture there is an involuntary and painful contraction of one or more muscles, while stretching is caused by excessive stretching of the muscle fibers, and in the tear there is even their rupture. These events occur when the muscle is overstressed or in the case of sudden and violent movements, especially in untrained people. In these cases it is important to stop training and let the muscle rest to avoid worsening the situation. Performing a warm-up before training with muscle stretching exercises, both before and after physical activity, are useful for preventing these painful events. .
Never underestimate the signals that our body sends us: it is better to prevent muscle trauma than to cure it!

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