Can you eat lots of fruit if you have diabetes?


Can you eat lots of fruit if you have diabetes?

Diabetic fibulae, just like anyone who wants to follow a correct diet, can and must eat fruit, but for its sugar content it must be correctly dosed and, above all, included in a balanced diet (consumption well distributed throughout the day).

Fructose is a simple sugar and, together with glucose, it is the fundamental constituent of sucrose, which is the common sugar used in cooking. Fructose has a higher sweetening power than sugar, so less can be used to achieve the same result. Fructose is found in most fruits, as well as honey.
Fruit, like most other foods, should not be banned from the table of a person with diabetes! Instead, it is necessary that the simple sugars contained in it, which can increase blood sugar rapidly, are not taken at the same time as other foods with a high glycemic index, in order to avoid a consistent increase in glycemic values ​​and an effect on circulating insulin levels and on triglycerides. From this point of view, there are fruits that are more “at risk” due to their effects on blood sugar, such as, for example, bananas, grapes, figs and persimmons.Even fruit juices, especially if with added sugars, dehydrated or canned fruit and candied fruit are not recommended for diabetics. Other types of fruit, such as apples, pears, oranges, apricots, peaches, strawberries, lemons and grapefruits, are more suitable, always taking into account the recommendations about balanced consumption and well distributed throughout the day.

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